Take Home Project Kit- Creative Thinking and Mark-Making

The newest take home kit by Outside the Box instructor, Stacie Renne, teaches participants about creative thinking and mark-making. Kits were distributed at AICHO and Valley Youth Center and included a sketchbook, charcoal and graphite pencils, erasers, a sharpener, charcoal sticks, soft pastels, blending sticks, and a black marker. In her instructions, Stacie guides participants through different exercises that stimulate creativity and illustrate how mark-making differs from normal drawing.

mark-making kit

Participants are encouraged to experiment with different design elements, such as line, texture, shape, and scale, using the different tools included in their kit. The exercises start very simple, filling pages with basic shapes and lines, and work their way up to thinking more creatively about ways to use those marks and put meaning behind them.

Girl draws in sketchbook

Whereas drawing can result in making comparisons and striving for perfection, mark-making is more about seeing where a (literal) line of creativity will take you. Despite having the same prompts, each participant's sketchbook and the marks they leave inside are inherently their own. We look forward to seeing where that creativity leads them!

Keep an eye out for more kits in the future where Stacie expands upon different forms of mark-making, including an introduction to making comic strips and graphic novels!


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