Here Comes the Sun- Solar Workshop at Family Freedom Center

On March 7, 2020, Outside the Box hosted Here Comes the Sun, a solar energy workshop at local organization, Family Freedom Center, in Lincoln Park. The event filled up with community members and families, provided activities for youth and adults, and ended in a large family style meal.

Kids make solar homes from boxes
Young Participants work on designing their own solar homes

The main attraction of the workshop was guest speaker, Keith Dent, who works in renewable energy as a solar panel installer and started Just B Solar, a summer camp based around teaching youth about solar energy and its potential for future careers.

Solar workshop presentation
Keith Dent talks about his journey in the solar industry

One of the highlights of the day was kids getting to design their own solar homes. An activity regularly put on by Keith Dent, solar homes held the attention of even some of the youngest participants at the workshop. The activity allowed youth to express themselves creatively, while learning about how solar can have an effect on the way we live.

Keith Dent shows how solar home works
Keith Dent shows a young participant how solar on a home could work.

Here Comes the Sun was organized in partnership with Family Freedom Center, the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO), and Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light. Check out the gallery below to see more photos from this awesome event!


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